Because @politicaleditor Mike Flannery, That’s Why

Mike Flannery reports on Springfield’s endless chandelier scandals

I was downtown today, walking from a client’s office to the subway when I bumped into South Sider and White Sox fanatic Mike Flannery, Political Editor of Fox 32 News (@politicaleditor).  I’ve been reading Mike’s tweets for a long time, and watching his TV work long before that. Mike is a longtime reader of my baseball tweets.  And there we were, right on the corner of Lake and Michigan.

I barked out “Hey Mike”, he put down his cellphone, telling Mayor Rahm Emnuel to hold on* and turned to say hello.

“Rob Warmowski,” I introduced myself.  He smiled.  ”Okay,”

You know what “okay” means.  ”Okay” is the response you give to someone who tells you their name, and  you have no idea what that name is supposed to mean.  So I wound up, kicked and dealt my own name again.  ”I’m Whitesoxski”.

This got Mike’s attention.  Big smile.  Hey, how you doing, enjoy your stuff, etc.  I told him the same, and then took a step away so as not to keep the mayor waiting on his phone.**

Because that’s how you roll in Chicago.  Yes, he’s a guy on TV, but he has stuff to do, and you don’t bug him for longer than absolutely necessary.

But I got to thinking on my way back to my office. It’s about time I got around to building that website I’ve been threatening to for months.  Why?  So maybe I don’t have to waste Mike Flannery’s time next time with two introductions.



*Writer’s embellishment

** More embellishment.  Wild-assed, baseless speculation, really.

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