Bosox 10, Pale Hose 1, Venezolanos 3

Map of Venezuela

Venezuela: Major exports: Oil, Infielders

As written up over at South Side Sox, the Pale Hose took a 10-1 shellacking at the hands of the Carmines this evening.  Reaching into the surprising farm system for perhaps one arm too many, the Sox called up and started LHP Pedro Hernandez, who found himself headed back to Charlotte after turning in a miserable 4IP, 12H, 8R, 1BB, 2K 3HR, 18.00 ERA.

While the South Side might have taken a loss, the very, very far South Side racked up a win.  The nation of Venezuela, long a key exporter of hardball excellence managed to claim both starting pitchers and the home plate umpire in tonight’s tilt. As alerted by some of my amigos de Twitter:

That’s SP Felix Doubront for Boston, Pedro Hernandez for Chicago and home plate umpire Manny Gonzalez.  How many Venezuelans does it take to get a major league ballgame done?  Mas y mas!


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