Konerko Leads Rout Of Visiting Ice Fishermen


A picture of a network switch used on the internet

All that — just for baseball. And maybe cats.

Twins 4 White Sox 11

Missed Konerko’s huge night at the plate? asks my Facebook wall, not a little smugly. Why, yes. Yes, I did. Slaving over a hot spreadsheet, if you must know.  Work’s been heavy lately, thanks for asking.

If only there was some way to catch up. If only we had a giant network of computers filled with video and data about baseball games, then one might not find one’s self out in the cold when the White Sox accomplish something notable, such as when Adam Dunn reaches 30 HRs, Paul goes 4 for 4, and the Tigers lose to the Indians, putting first place in the division again up for grabs with a Sox-Tabbies tie.

What we need is a network of networks that all talk to each other.  An internetwork, if you will.

Well, maybe one day.


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