About Whitesoxski

I’m Rob Warmowski.  I’m a writer, consultant, musician and a White Sox fan since the age of seven with the mental scars to prove it.  Whitesoxski is a site dedicated to my love of baseball.  I have a long-time personal blog as well — RW370 — but baseball needs its own focus.  So does my music – my band Sirs has its own website here.

The Whitesoxski moniker began in 2010 when I launched my Twitter account @whitesoxski. Many thousands of followers later – some of whom are pretty cool people  -  I decided to kick off Whitesoxski.com at the height of  a very promising 2012 White Sox season.

I’m a lifelong Chicagoan living on the South Side.  I’ve been a guest on Baseball Prospectus’s Up and In Podcast and I’ve written for Baseball Prospectus. Professionally, I’m a writer and consultant to nonprofit organizations. Creatively, I’m a contributing author to The Indie Cred Test (Penguin Books), The Jesus Lizard’s Book (Akashic Books) and my writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, Forbes True/Slant, Chicago Reader, Screen, Chicago Life and in numerous absurd appeal letters sent to names selected randomly from the phone book. I created, produced and directed the web animated comedy series Officer Bob, and write music for comedy TV shows including Upright Citizens Brigade (Comedy Central).

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