The Official Song And Color Of The 108th World Series

Hunter Pence’s rubber-bat double in the endless, five-run Giants third inning was the beginning of the end for the Cardinals designs on the Fall Classic.  The seven-run cushion gave Matt Cain back the plate and a relaxed outing until his exit in the 6th at 100 pitches. Unable to repeat their legendary comeback against the Nats, the Redbirds ultimtely stepped aside to allow the SF Giants to face the Detroit Tigers in the 108th World Series.

Know what that means? No matter what, the 108th World Champion team will be wearing orange.

When it’s time to celebrate orange, it’s time for Boards Of Canada.  From 1998′s Music Has The Right To Children, the enigmatic Scottish electronic duo’s monumental chillout track Aquarius is now required listening in Mudville.  Well, even more than before, I mean.



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